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CNXPHOTO is primarily a collection of travel photographs, diaries and maps, but also includes photographs of cars and aeroplanes.


Navigation is fairly simple, travel photographs are grouped by country and countries are then roughly grouped into continents.  Separate folders contains multi country tours and cruises. Most country pages have links to Diaries and Maps.

An exception is Iguazu, as the falls lie in three countries I have given them a separate folder.

You can also navigate by going to the  Indexes from there you can go directly to any country, map or diary.  Maps and Diaries normally open in a separate Tabs.

Links at top of the screen take you backwards to where you were, links in the text generally take you forward.

Clicking on the thumbnails on the left will open up either a gallery of photographs or another   folder.


All of the maps are interactive and can be zoomed in on and markers clicked to give locations, dates and other details,  Some maps have multiple layers that can be turned on and off.


Most of our recent travels have been recorded in Blurb books, for a preview of my books go to the Book Index


We do most of our bookings through two travel agents. We have found both of them excellent.  Our friends, Christine and Robert, who own "Intentionally Different - Experiences and Destinations"  in Australia, do most of our Asian bookings, independent travel and  small group tours.

We use Global Coach Tours in the United Kingdom for our European cruises and larger group tours such as Insight and Trafalgar. Despite the name, they are also happy dealing with cruises and rail tours.

To visit Global Coach Tours' Website Click Here

To Visit Intentionally Different Click Here


I have been involved with the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery for a number of years. The Cemetery has a small web presence that “piggybacks” on my site.

I believe that you will find a visit rewarding; the story of the Cemetery is entertaining, some of the obituaries are interesting and revealing and the Macfie Record gives an almost unique insight into life as an expatriate in late 19th early 20th century Siam, as it was then known.

Click Here to go to the CMFC Site